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Visit us from 16th to 23rd October 2019 at the K-Show in Düsseldorf 

FANUC is reacting to current market requirements in the ROBOSHOT product segment with new technical solutions for future-oriented injection moulding. Come and see for yourself at the FANUC Stand A 60 in Hall 14. Enjoy several firsts within our product portfolio, which we are presenting to you at the K 2019.

For the future of injection moulding technology

FANUC developed, for example, the injection moulding machine ROBOSHOT     α--S150iA Medical Package especially for the medical technology and pharmaceuticals market. Its benefit: lower energy consumption and flawless injection moulding quality. For additional performance, FANUC is going the extra step with the new, larger injection unit for high injection pressures and volumes.

In the IoT Corner at the FANUC stand, visitors can see how FANUC commands the new Euromap 77 OPC UA Interface in connection with the TIG "Authentig" MES System (Manufacturing Execution System). The observer follows the quality, machine and order status monitoring of all machines and robot cells in real time. We look forward to your visit!

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For products which have to be well protected from environmental influences, FANUC presents its specially developed liquid silicone processing cells. A ROBOSHOT α-S50iA – 500kN clamp force – works with a FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iD/7. 

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The ROBOSHOT meets the high requirements of the user with regard to low energy consumption and flawless injection moulding quality in conjunction with stability, repeatability and process safety. Now being presented for the first time, the ROBOSHOT α-S150iA Medical Package also has Clean Room Approval, Class 7. This was achieved with features like rails without bearing bushes,          Cr-coated linear guidance, NI-coated plates, specially permitted lubricants and an unpainted, brushed stainless steel cover. 

ROBOSHOT α-S150iA med

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FANUC is now also offering a further development in the field of multi-component injection moulding technology: a special rotary table with one of the most reliable servo drives on the market. The compact protection cell, comprising a ROBOSHOT α-S150iA + vertical second injection unit SI-20A, is automated with a FANUC Robot LR Mate. QSSR is also used here. 

ROBOSHOT α-S150iA + SI-20A Multi Component

Düsseldorf Trade Fair
Hall 14 | Stand A60




FANUC has developed a new, larger injection unit which is particularly well designed for high injection pressures and volumes. In this way, FANUC is developing the performance of its largest precision injection moulding machine to date - the fully electric ROBOSHOT α-S450iA – to the next stage. More cavities in larger tools requires larger plates, which again necessitates a larger/more powerful machine with higher clamp force as well as high-performance injection units. Now we have 4500 kN clamp force, 920 mm x 920 mm bar spacing, a closing distance of 900 mm, plate dimensions of 1300 mm x 1300 mm and a tool installation height of up to 1000 mm. 

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ROBONANO Demonstration

The ROBONANO is the company’s solution in the field of finishing high quality optical surfaces. It distinguishes itself with a high level of accuracy in positioning with a programming command solution of 0.1 nanometres (0.1 nm corresponds with 10-10 meters or 1 angstrom, the unit of length to measure the size of molecules and atoms), which is necessary to achieve high quality optical surfaces.

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